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Kids at the Women's March

For the first time ever in the history of peaceful protests, 7 million women marched together in solidarity to demand equal rights & social justice. The worldwide impact of the Women's March will undoubtedly be included in history books for future generations to learn about. Many members of the "future" society (aka babies) showed up and some even made signs. Here are some of our favorite activists under 5 years old, as spotted by Buzzfeed:   It's all about this. #WomensMarch — Zanti Misfit (@ZantiMisft) January 21, 2017     #WomensMarch #OaklandWomensMarch — Erin Rich (@erinLrich) January 21, 2017     Little black girls, you warm my heart. #WomensMarchOnWashington — Kiara Nelson (@KiaraLynne__) January 21, 2017   Spotted...

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